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River Wharfe at Linton, near Grassington, North Yorkshire

River Wharfe at Linton
near Grassington
by Steven Watson

Fountains Abbey
near Ripon
by Steven Watson

Fountains Abbey, near Ripon in North Yorkshire

Visitors Comments

Love Halifax and the people lived there during the war as it was my motheer's home town. Miss it so much going back soon. My grandmother lived in Haley Hill now demolished bu I have memories so clearly of her and her generosity of spirit.
Naomi Robinson (nee Whiteley) - Mon 01 Aug 2011 6:51 am

Well it is 'Gods Own County', what more can I say.
David Wood

I have recently returned from Halifax for the second year in a row. And can honestly say I will be returning there, the sights, nightlife etc are fantastic. The people are friendly and have a wide range of cultures. A must see.
Sean Wallace

Halifax - the best town in the world
Linda Riley (nee Bridge)

Halifax is great... i love that town! So warm and friendly

Halifax is not only a great town, with intelligent and beautiful people, but also home to the best football team in the WORLD!!!
Scott Chafer

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