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Preston, Lancashire

Riversway Docklands by J P Neal

Riversway Docklands by J P Neal

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I was born in Preston 30/09/1935. I went to P.G.S. from 1947 to 1954. I now live in Radcliffe on Trent Nottingham. I lived at l Zetland street Preston until I married and went to work at Standfast Dyers at Lancaster I arrived at my present address via Leicester and retired from teaching at Trent Polytechnic several years ago.

All i was trying to do was get a photo of the old home and some how your details came up. Please forgive any intrusion, it was a pure accident. However, If you can help it would be nice to re-establish contact with the old home town. I am one of a decreasing number who can actually claim that I saw Tom Finney play

'He was the best I ever saw play live
Though often tripped he'd never dive
Though games were rough
Our heros then were of sterner Stuff
When we saw Tom Finney Play
They tried all methods fair and foul
To try to stop that gentleman
Though often kicked and tackled late
He never did retaliate
When we saw Tom Finney play
Now Roony's skill is more than ample
But he'll ne're be fit Tom's boots to clean
Till he shows kids the same example
His foul-mouthed posturing was never seen
When we saw Tom Finney play

i wrote the above several years ago and it was published in the Nottingham Post. Forgive the intrusion, but i would still like to make contact with the old Town, It's just that i'm not very computer literate as this accidental contact should indicate

Jack Miller - Thu 06 Apr 2017 9:49 am

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