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Le Mans Crescent

Le Mans Crescent
by Pictures Direct


Newport Street
by Robert Harrison

Newport Street

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Cigarette Tunnel is down in the valley at the junction of Walker Fold Road & Colliers Row Road. Jumbles is back of Tottington Road near Bradshaw. Jolly Brows - poss near Thicketford Brow? Not sure.
Linda - Mon 16 May 2011 2:05 pm

Was born in Bolton in 1944. Just been looking at old pictures of Deane Rd. and Cannon St., where I lived as a boy. What memories. I'll always love the way it used to be. I don't know where the "cigarette tunnel" is, or the "jolly brows," or the "jumbles," but these old pictures almost make me weep. I now live in California, for my sins.
Mick Weaver - Fri 16 Apr 2010 6:03 pm

Born in Beckett Street. Raised a 1/4 mile from the Town Hall.
What a wonderful town with a lotta countryside just calling you to come and play. The Giants Head below Raikes Lane and Monkey's Temple (Underground Chambers), Nobody knew where the temple was. The Cut and the Ivy Road Valley.
The Pubs of note. British Queen, Yates Wine Lodge, Balmoral the Derby Street pub crawl from Bradshawgate to Daubhill. And the 5 Finger Spread (generally in a Taxi ). All made life more exciting.
The Lilly Whites home or away. Bolton had it all.
Although I don't get back often it is always a pleasure. Philadelphia is great but Bolton will always be..... HOME
Mike Wilson - Wed 12 Aug 2009 3:09 am

I lived in Bolton in 74 and used to see the BOLTON WANDERERS I love the people, everyone's friendly. I made a lot of friends, wonder how they are. Used to go to townhall and precinct. Beautiful town. I miss it.
Manolito Silva

Both fish/meat and veg markets still there! Moved here about 5 years ago from living down south. Friendliest town I have ever lived in. Lovely countryside surrounds the town, plenty of interesting history and local customs (black peas).

Love the place. Born and brought up there but moved away when 20 years old. But I know the place well. How well do you know Bolton? Let's see:  Do you know where the "Cigarette Tunnel" is?  Do you know where the "Jolly Brows" are? Where are the "Jumbles"?  That's enough to sort out the true Boltonians !

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