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Blackpool Tower at night
Blackpool Tower
by City Scenes

Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower

The 'Big One'
- the tallest, fastest roller coaster in Europe

The Big One

Blackpool Sea Life Centre

Blackpool Sea-life Centre

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I only get back to England every 20 years or so, but guess what I always want to go to Blackpool and see the Lights yeah! Never change o.k.
love you Blackpool, love you Lancashire. I have lovely memories of the time spent there with my Mom and Dad - especially my Mom who loved taking me on the rides at the Pleasure Beach. Riding the Donkeys on the sands. Never change.

Edmonton, Canada

Kathleen A - Sat 06 Nov 2010 3:35 am

I was born in blackpool now i live in Vancouver canada. When i was growing up we loved the prom and Pablos ice cream and charlie caroli at the circus . the lights were always a must. So please go visit my hometown its great value for money and good lancashire folks. Thanks a million Betty xoxo
betty - Wed 06 Oct 2010 2:57 am

Love the place, my wife and i go at least 3 times a year.
ian mcdonald - Fri 26 Feb 2010 8:40 pm

My daddy loves blackpool and so do I. On Saturday night I awoke in my buggy to find thousands of illuminations flashing on and off and buses running on rails. My mummy and daddy bought me a cheap toy from one of the scousers on the seafront and we got it home to South Yorkshire and it doesnt work already!! 11 months old and hooked on Blackpool already - baby Samuel
Samuel Platts (Simon's son)

I was born in Blackpool 1931, grew up with the wonderful Pleasure Beach and Golden Mile, kiss me quick hats, fairy floss and cheeky prom photographers. Gypsy Ros Lee, bearded Lady, Fat Lady, Sex Slaves of the Harem, naughty girls, some I knew. Fairy Land, Tussades. My uncle Victors donkeys on the sands. Kissing pretty girls under the piers, dancing to the big bands at the Winter Gardens. Chasing Norma Sykes around the town and others. What a place! 

Make it like Las Vegas, what a dump that is, nothing to do but gamble and see shows that do not compare with Blackpool. I have lived in Melbourne Australia for 45 years and saw this place turned into a gambling hell with our Crown Casino and hundreds of other venues stripping assets, homes and pensions. Not a fun place for kids. The same developers and companies are involved, they don't care about tradition or history. I return to Blackpool regularly and I will be there next years for a few months. Keep Blackpool the way it has always been, Cheers James.
James Taylor

Blackpool has a wonderful pleasurebeach and I don't think that it should be turned into a mini Las Vegas because I think that the tourists that come now will be few then
James Barker

The pleasure beach is fantastic! We come here whenever we can and it's great fun. It can be a place to chill on the theme park and you make great mates here too!!!!
Amy Wade + Kim Sharp

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Citrus Club - A social network for professional people and families in Lancashire

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