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The Royal Crescent, Bath
The Royal Crescent
by Duncan Snow


Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey
by Brian Usher

River Avon

River Avon, Bath

River Avon

River Avon

Visitors Comments

The Royal Crescent I feel is the best Heritage building in the world
Harry Jude - Tue 01 Dec 2009 3:53 pm

I was born in Brighton Sussex and had never seen Bath until 1993 when I ws back for a visit, I have lived in Canada for 60 yrs this November.
I have visited England 6 times since I have lived in Canada and love it. It is still home to me.
We have also visit Ireland, Scotland and Wales but England is the best.
Evelyn (Bailey) Collett - Tue 06 Oct 2009 10:17 pm

"These's so much more than the Avon in Bath; a world heritage site, famous for its Roman baths and of course its splendid Georgian architecture."
Katharine BJ

"Bath is my birthplace. Even though I have lived in another country for 38 years, Bath still holds my heart. It has charm, beauty and a kind of peacefullness. Love it!!"
Lesley Knight

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